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The Wichita Vision Development Center invites parents of school-aged children in Wichita and south-central Kansas to schedule a free vision screening when they suspect their child may be struggling with poor vision or inadequate visual skills. The screenings are offered at no cost or obligation as part of our community service commitment to help identify at-risk children who are struggling needlessly because of poor vision.   

Why should parents schedule a vision screening for their child?  Studies show that the only eye test most children receive is at school.  However, school vision tests are usually limited to only checking a child's eyesight, or sharpness of vision.  Unfortunately, one in four children suffers from other vision problems which schools are not equipped to check.  Schools can check a child's distance vision but have no way of testing the close-up visual skills needed for reading and most school work, skills such as tracking, focusing, and eye teaming. A child can have good distance vision (20/20) and still have other vision problems which make reading and school performance extremely difficult. 

What will the screening check?   

1. Clarity of sight:  Does your child have the sharpness of vision required to see the board clearly from the back of the room or to read the print in his textbooks?   

2. Eye teaming: How much effort does it take for your child to use his eyes together at the close-up distances required for reading?  Can he coordinate his eye movements well enough so that the print doesn't move, blur, scramble, or go double?

3. Focusing: Can your child keep the print on the page clear when reading for long periods of time?  Can he quickly shift focus when looking from the board to his desk and back to the board again?

4. Tracking: Can your child accurately follow a line of print without losing his place?  Does he have the control for the precise eye movements required in reading?

What can parents expect from the vision screening?  The vision screening is not an eye exam. It is performed by a therapist, not a doctor.  It does not evaluate the best prescription for glasses, nor does it check for a child's eye health.  However, it does give parents an accurate indication of vision problems which can affect their child's school performance.  If areas of concern are indicated, we will discuss the screening results with the parents and may make a recommendation for a complete examination to fully evaluate the area of concern.  If the screening finds no indication of a vision problem, the parents have the peace of mind of knowing that their child has the visual skills necessary to do well in school.    

How to schedule a free vision screening:  We invite you to call our office at 316-722-3740 and tell the receptionist that you want to schedule a free screening. She'll be happy to set up your appointment!    

Free Vision Screenings for Infants and Toddlers

The early years of life from birth until age five are crucial for a child’s visual development and eye health.  The American Optometric Association  recognizes how important it is to get your baby's vision off to a good start.  InfantSEE™ is a free public health program for children during their first year of life; participating AOA optometrists provide a comprehensive infant eye assessment at no cost to the parents. Visit for more information.  

The Kansas Optometric Association also sponsors the "See to Learn" program. In order to identify vision problems in pre-school children, all three-year-olds in Kansas are eligible for free vision screenings by participating KOA optometrists. Contact your local Kansas optometrist for more information, or visit the See-To-Learn web site at  

If you live in Wichita, Child and Family Optometry participates in both the InfantSEE™ and See to Learn™ programs.  We invite you to call (316) 721-8877 to schedule an appointment.

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