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Wichita Vision Development Center

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746 North Maize Rd
Wichita, KS 67212
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Homepage of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, the national certifying organization of optometrists specializing in vision therapy:  http://www.covd.org

Fun site with great eye exercises to promote good visual health:  http://www.eyecanlearn.com

Excellent site packed full of great Information on vision therapy:  http://www.vision-therapy.com/

Good information source on children's visual health, vision disorders, and vision therapy:  http://www.children-special-needs.org/

Optometric Extension Program, a national optometric foundation dedicated to vision therapy training and education: http://www.healthy.net/oep/VISION.HTM

Excellent information on vision and learning:   http://www.visionandlearning.org

Parents Active for Vision Education (PAVE), a national nonprofit organization dedicated to informing the public, parents, and teachers about children's vision problems: http://www.pavevision.org

Learning Problems - The Visual Connection:  This 75-minute seminar is available on the Internet to educate parents, teachers, schools, and health care providers about vision-related learning problems that are often undiagnosed in children.

Excellent site dedicated to providing information on vision therapy, www.visiontherapy.org, including the following links: 

Frequently asked questions about vision therapy: visiontherapy.org/vision-therapy/faqs/vision-therapy-FAQs.html#Q:2

The scientific support for vision therapy: http://www.visiontherapy.org/vision-therapy/vision-therapy-studies.html

Information on Vision Therapy for Health Care Professionals by the American Academy of Optometry and the American Optometric Association: http://www.visiontherapy.org/vision-therapy/pdfs/02_vt_info_AOA_AAO.pdf

An article about vision therapy from the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine: Vision Training 

Web site on vision and depth perception, vision problems, and vision therapy:  http://www.vision3D.com/

Online information on vision and vision therapy: http://www.visionhelp.com/index.htm

Information on vision and learning from WebMD: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/11/1668_51242

A discussion of vision development and vision therapy by an educational specialist: http://www.autism.org/visual.html

An Attention Deficit Disorder web site explains how certain vision disorders are sometimes mistaken for ADD or ADHD:  http://www.add-adhd.org/index.html

Research on eye teaming disorder and ADD/ADHD: http://health.ucsd.edu/news/2000_04_12_Shiley.html

Excellent annotated bibliography of research regarding the effectiveness of vision therapy: http://www.agape1.com/research.htm

Site dedicated to providing good information on strabismus ("crossed eyes"): http://www.strabismus.org/

Information on vision therapy as the best treatment option for crossed eyes: http://www.sola.com/consumers/conditions/crossed_eyes.shtml

Pharmacists Planning Service (PPSI), a nonprofit informational organization for pharmacists, is striving to inform the public about how undetected vision problems is often mistaken for ADHD:  http://www.ppsinc.org/childeye.htm

Web site with good ADD/ADHD information that encourages parents to have their child's vision evaluated to ensure poor visual skills are not contributing to the child's inability to stay on task and pay attention: http://www.addchoices.com/vision.html

Good information on children's vision and vision therapy: http://www.visiontherapycenter.com/

Site dedicated to providing information on vision therapy: http://www.visiontherapy.org/

Information on rehabilitation of injury-induced vision problems:  http://www.nora.cc/

Photographs of children in therapy with good information about visual disorders: http://www.lifetimeeyecare.net/therapy.html

Great information on the visual processes involved in reading: http://members.aol.com/twoeyedox/vision.htm 

Good visual demonstrations showing how children with poor visual processing skills see: http://members.aol.com/twoeyedox/EyeVisInfo.htm

Vision Therapy Optometrists Online: http://www.optometrists.org/public_eye_care.html

A learning disabilities specialist discusses how poor visual perception can affect learning: http://parentpals.com/gossamer/pages/Detailed/890.html

The results of one school's collaborative effort with a developmental optometrist to provide vision therapy to students with vision problems and the improvements in the children's reading compared to students who did not receive vision therapy: http://www.successlink.org/ppss/element/pp_blue.asp   http://www.successlink.org/ppss/ppss_detail.asp?ID=40 

A discussion from the National Center for Learning Disabilities on the ways visual processing and perceptual deficits can impede learning: http://www.ncld.org/LDInfoZone/InfoZone_FactSheet_VisualPD_Details.cfm

LD Online offers a discussion about the ways deficits in visual information processing can affect learning: http://www.ldonline.org/ld_indepth/process_deficit/visual_auditory.html

A discussion of how poor visual oculomotor skills contribute attention problems and impulsivity:  http://www.yourfamilyclinic.com/adhd/vision.html

A discussion of how visual processing deficits are often mistaken for ADD from the mother of a daughter with visual perceptual deficits: http://www.womenof.com/Articles/fc061499.asp

An independent, non-profit educational cooperative discusses the vital role vision plays in learning: http://www.prel.org/products/paced/mar02/pc_vonoelhoffen.htm 

Excellent discussion of the role vision plays in the classroom published by Restored Hope Remedial Services: http://hope-christian.org/pdf/closepoint.PDF

Educator's Guide to Classroom Vision Problems: http://www.wkbt.com/global/story.asp?s=1784655&ClientType=Printable

Good information on infants and children's vision: http://www.hollywoodvision.com/html/children_infant_vision.html

Great site devoted to raising cerebral palsy awareness as well as other birth injuries:  cerebralpalsysymptoms.com

InfantSEE™ is a free public health program for children during their first year of life:  www.infantsee.org


From a sixth-grade boy who likes school now:

Since I started vision therapy my grades have gone from D's, up to B's and C's. I read better now and I even kind of like school. My mom says that I have a better attitude. Thanks for helping me see better.

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Wichita Vision Development Center
746 North Maize Rd
Wichita, KS 67212
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Tuesday10 am6:30pm
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