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All parents recognize how vital good vision is to their children's development. As children grow and mature, over 80% of what they learn is processed through their eyes.  However, most people have a limited understanding of what good vision means.  Good vision involves much more than just seeing clearly without glasses.  

For a brief overview of our practice,  our philosophy, and the history of our founding doctor,

Dr. Patrick Pirotte, click below:

Is your child 20/20?  Great.  Now learn what matters more about learning and vision.

The eye chart cannot tell you anything about the SKILLS your child needs to learn.  You will see throughout our website the term "3 PILLARS" of vision.

It's a critical concept.  You have to have all three of these "legs on the stool" that your child sits on to learn well.  What are they? 




The school eye tests will NOT check for any of these.

Is your child at risk for vision-based learning problems?  A simple screening checklist can accurately rate your child's risk by flagging tell-tale symptoms. Click here for more information. .For more information on learning-related vision problems, click here.